Tips for starting a small business from home

Tips for starting a small business from home PHOTO Olive Graphics

So you have decided to make the big step and start up a small business from home. Starting a business from home is a great opportunity to start a new and exciting career. Working from home offers flexibility and convenience if you are trying to balance work and family life.

So what are some tips to get yourself going if you are starting up a small business from home.

Choose the right business for your skills. You are likely to thrive and have more drive and excitement for your business if it’s an area you have expertise in and are passionate about.

Establish an original brand:

Creating a brand is one of the most important assets you develop for your business. It’s more than just figuring out a name and logo and slapping it on a letterhead or website. Your brand will be your business personality, your brand will allow you to convey positive and intentional impressions of your company to your target market. Make sure your brand is compelling and has a clear and focused brand message.

Create a Mission Statement:

A mission statement is more than just words written down on a piece of paper it will help you keep your business focused it is something you believe in. Verbalise your business goals, values and vision and what your business aims to strive and be known for. Your mission statement will help you be more motivated, refer to it often to make sure your business is heading the the right direction and for the right purpose.

Create a business plan:

Business planning is essential for the success of any business. A plan gives your business direction and helps you prepare for a lot of what you may need to overcome in the future. Research your market, develop business goals and manage your finances. To find out more visit the How to write a business plan visit the website

Business Name:

You are now on your way to getting started with your new business,  once you have a business name in mind register your name with Do a lookup of your business name first with ASIC to make sure it is not already registered. Also look into securing a domain name and social media pages based on your business name.

The ideal client:

Finding the ideal client is something you will gather from communicating with the client. A client with a really good brief that sets out very clearly and very simply what they want to get and have some flexibility built into that. A client where you can work together and collaborate and create something really interesting that fulfills the brief and does the job it’s needing to do.

Marketing Plan:

A good marketing plan helps you identify your customers and competitors and develop a strategy to make your business stand out. The right marketing plan identifies everything from who your target customers are, to how you will reach them, to how you will retain your customers so they repeatedly do business with you. Download a marketing plan template and guide form