Are you an introvert and trying to get your brand known.

How to be a successful brand as an introvert

As an introvert myself I struggled with putting myself out there to promote my business brand and my services. It may come naturally for some but to put myself out there was a challenge I needed to overcome.

What am I fearing in myself?

  • Was it failure
  • Being judged on what I say
  • People not relating to me as a brand
  • Being embarrassed
  • Or not showing who I truly am

That fear was the very thing holding me back as progressing as a brand and not showing up online and people not knowing who I really am? I get this overwhelming anxiety in myself thinking of ways to relate to my audience. What to say? How to present myself as a brand? Will I be judged?

So as brand trying to level up and be seen in the spotlight and to show who I truly am, and how I can help women just like myself promote their brand, I needed to work through that fear and anxiety.

Here are some of my tips:

1. Work through that fear and anxiety
We need to get uncomfortable to learn how to be comfortable with doing something new. Start small and find the platform that you are most comfortable with and make it your goal to be authentic as possible there. If people can relate then it will get easier to build a following. And start to create deeper relationships with your audience.

2. Recognise your superpower as an introvert
You may not know if but we do have incredible superpowers as an introvert:
We are natural deep thinkers
We are big picture thinkers
We are analytical
We look for deeper connections

3. Working one-on-one
If working with larger groups of people in your business doesn’t work, try one-on-one meetings or small group meetings. You may find these a more intimate style of working, will be where you shine and feel more comfortable.

4. Make your brand and website do the work for you.
Let your brand and website do the work for you, spend time working on your website or content so your brand can be found organically this will take the pressure away of trying the hustle style of marketing. Spend time on uncovering your brand values and the type of people you want to attract and work with.

3. Allow yourself to recharge.
You will often feel draining as an introvert entrepreneur. So, take a step back spend some time alone in a quiet environment that will restore your energy.

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert in business and there are many ways in which you can connect and promote your business brand in an introverted way. Just find where you are most comfortable start off small maybe blog writing, podcast and email newsletters and be the personality behind your brand.

Amanda | Brand Identity Strategist & Designer
I’m NOT just a designer who creates graphics, but someone who SEES the depth of another person and VISUALLY TRANSLATES THAT using my CREATIVE IDEAS into an influential brand that expresses who you truly are.

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