My business story - Amanda Greenman

How I started and found my brand identity

I am a designer that has been in the industry for 20+ years I have been working for myself for some time now, but was struggling to find the right clients, understanding what made me unique, and how I could differentiate myself from all the other designers out there.

I was comparing myself to what other designers did and whether I should be offering similar style design packages and services. But I soon found out that there is no point being a copycat, because brands and businesses that stood out had something different to offer, something special that no one else did.

So, my journey began… I got out of my comfort zone and discovered what made me unique and used this as an opportunity to redefine my brand identity and rebuild the brand and business that I truly want, working with clients and brands that I’m passionate about.

It meant that although I had a lot of design experience in varied aspects of design, to stand out in my field I needed to find something specific, something different. I had to narrow down who I wanted to work with and find that key to success that made me different as a designer.

So here it is, I’m not just a designer who creates graphics but someone who sees the depths of another person and visually translates that using my creative ideas into an influential brand that express who you truly are.

I’m a brand identity strategist & designer that works with you creating and designing influential brands. It was a process that I worked through for myself rediscovering what made me unique and used this technique to create a new brand identity for my own business.

Allow your passion to become you purpose and it will one day become your profession. I hope that I can be part of that process and help you create that brand identity for the business you are most passionate about.

Amanda | Brand Identity Strategist & Designer
I’m NOT just a designer who creates graphics, but someone who SEES the depth of another person and VISUALLY TRANSLATES THAT using my CREATIVE IDEAS into an influential brand that expresses who you truly are.