Make your brand unique

Make your brand unique and express who you truly are!

When you follow brands what is it that you are attracted to? Is it their logo, is it the colours or the products they sell? No, what you are attracted to is what makes that brand unique, the way they express themselves and gives them the personality that you are drawn to, it’s how they want you to feel when they interact with their brand.

So to put it simply a brand is more that just a logo, colours and a set of fonts, your brand should be crafted around a personality that makes you unique and expresses who you truly are.

So what are some of the things to consider when creating a brand.

1. Originality
Brands that stand out are original, let’s not mimic our competitors identify what makes you unique!

2. Personality
Speak to your audience the way you would speak to a friend, show your human side.

3. Understanding
Understand your target audience and create messaging that is relevant to your niche.

4. Boldness
Don’t be afraid to experiment with new techniques be controversial, this may encourage more loyalty and respect.

5. Consistency
Consistency is the key to make consumers trust your brand, and that consistency leads to more positive feelings toward your brand and helps your business stand out from the competition.

6. Visibility
Pick a platform that best amplifies and promotes your message and uniqueness, and finding the right strategy to get the right visibility for your brand.

7. Value
What value can you offer? What problems do you solve? What makes your product or service right for a particular market.

To make a strong brand and stand out from all that white noise look at what makes you unique because,  uniqueness + brand personality = a fulfilling business that represents who you truly are.

Amanda | Brand Identity Strategist & Designer
I’m NOT just a designer who creates graphics, but someone who SEES the depth of another person and VISUALLY TRANSLATES THAT using my CREATIVE IDEAS into an influential brand that expresses who you truly are.

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