Why it’s Important to Have a Strong Brand Identity.

The Importance of Having a Strong Brand Identity

Having a strong brand is crucial for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A strong brand identity helps your brand develop its own unique vibe allowing you to stand out and resonate with your target audience.

Your brand is simply your “identity” and building that trust and loyalty with your customers so they feel comfortable coming to you.

Brand identity are the primary visual elements and tools your business needed to create the kind of brand credibility, professionalism you want to be known for.

Your Brand Identity elements should include:
– Your Logo
– Your Brand Colours
– Fonts/ typography
– Any shapes, symbols or motifs
– Business Tag line

So what are the benefits of a strong brand identity?

A great brand identity gives your brand personality

Brand personality gives meaning to your brand and humanizes it. It accurately defines you so you can resonate with the appropriate consumer or audience.

A strong brand identity enhances brand awareness
Brand awareness is the basis of all your marketing, the more recognition your brand has the more successful your brand will be. It familiarises your audience to your products and services and differentiates you from similar brands. By combining the visual elements like color, typography, shapes and images you are helping bring together that awareness so people can identify your brand and build that trust, desire and help build customer confidence.

Your brand identity sets your business apart from your competition
Let’s not be a copycat brand mimicking our competitors, really understand what your brand is will set you apart from your competitors and makes your brand unique. Having a good understanding of what your brand is the starting point of building a strong and unique brand identity. So, ask yourself who are you, what is your purpose and what are your values as a brand?

You brand Identity connects with the right people
A cohesive and functional brand identity will help you stand out from your competition and connect with the right people; you are looking to foster connections with people online and find common ground. Communicate in a way in which your target audience can relate will help build and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

A great brand identity equals growth for your brand
If you are consistent with your messaging, your brand image and identity this will help increased recognition and build brand awareness which can inspire customers and increase a sense of loyalty and trust, which will in turn will help grow your brand allowing you to outperform similar competitors.

I cannot stress the importance of having a strong brand identity it adds long term value to your business and helps you form the foundation for all your marketing and brand awareness. It is what sets you apart and be a leader and influence, without it you will have trouble standing out from the crowd and grow as a business or brand.

Not matter the size of your business or brand, investing in brand identity is the beginning of been seen as a market-leader and boost the value of the business.

Amanda | Brand Identity Strategist & Designer
I’m NOT just a designer who creates graphics, but someone who SEES the depth of another person and VISUALLY TRANSLATES THAT using my CREATIVE IDEAS into an influential brand that expresses who you truly are.